Independence – now, that’s living.

Caring for an aging population is why we’re here. But making sure each individual benefits from the dignity and freedom of independent living is what we’re all about.

At Prosperous Home Health, our goal is to strive to make an impact on the lives of those affected by aging themselves or in their loved ones through compassionate care and highly trained staff and support. Our desire to improve the lives of the beneficiaries of our services crosses over to our team, as well. We maintain an excellent roster thanks to our competitive pay and benefits and respectful time management and schedule flexibility.


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Community Caregiver Consultant - New Position Chat

 September 01, 2020 / Lifestyle

Community Caregiver Consultant - New Position Chat

We are excited to talk about our New Position!! - Community Caregiver Consultant

We are expanding into Rural and Urban Communities throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota

Informal Discussion of CCC:

Community Caregiver Coordinator – Job Description

Minimum 10 hours/week as a caregiver – Starting Pay $16/hour - After completion of 6 month training w/ Relias - $17.50
Recruit, Train and Schedule area caregivers – Earn $4/hour on each scheduled caregiver
Contact community: discharge planners, social workers, Medicaid representative, VA Social Worker, Assistant Living/Nursing Home Social Workers
Achieve multiple certifications through Relias Learning
Participate in Profit Sharing after 5 years vesting period – (10% every 5 years)(50% Max)
Work from Home and have a lasting impact on the aging population in your community.


It is preferred that as the CCC starts with Prosperous Home Health they find clients in their community through outreach(we discuss this in the CCC training video) until you reach 40/hours/week or the CCC preferred Max Hours.  At that point, they are able to start to recruit new caregivers and either transfer their clients to the new caregiver or find new clients that fit with caregiver preference.  It is highly recommended that as the CCC you take the first four shifts with a new client to develop relationship before matching with the perfect caregiver.  Overtime needs to authorized by PHH Administrator before approved.  Mileage is only approved if authorized through Client and PHH.  All scheduling is utilized through Axis Care.  All training is through Relias Learning.  Communication with long term care facilities is important for cont of care.  

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