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Job Openings

To provide nursing care in accordance with the patient's plan of care to include comprehensive health and psychosocial evaluation, monitoring of the patient’s condition, health promotion and prevention coordination of services, teaching and training activities and direct nursing care.


  • Coordinate total patient care by conducting comprehensive health and psychosocial evaluation, monitoring the patient's condition, promoting sound preventive practices, coordinating services and teaching and training activities.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of nursing service to the patient and family on an ongoing basis.
  • Perform admission, transfer, re-certification, resumption of care and discharge OASIS for the home care patient.
  • Prepare and present patient's record to the Clinical Record Review Committee as indicated.
  • Consult with the attending physician concerning alterations of Patient Care Plans, checks with the appropriate supervisor and makes changes, as appropriate.
  • Coordinate patient services.
  • Coordinates the Admission of a Patient to the Agency
  • Conduct an initial and ongoing comprehensive assessment of the patient’s needs, including Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) assessments at appropriate time points.
  • Obtain a medical history from the patient and/or a family member particularly as it relates to the present condition.
  • Conduct a physical examination of the patient, including vital signs, physical assessment, mental status, appetite and type of diet, etc.
  • Evaluate the patient, family member(s) and home situation to determine what health teaching will be required.
  • Evaluate the patient's environment to determine what assistance will be available from family members in caring for the patient.
  • Provides Skilled Nursing Care as outlined in the Nursing Care Plan
  • Nursing services, treatments and preventative procedures requiring substantial specialized skill and ordered by the physician.
  • The initiation of preventative and rehabilitative nursing procedures as appropriate for the patient's care and safety.
  • Observing signs and symptoms and reporting to the physician reactions to treatments, including drugs, as well as changes in the patient's physical or emotional condition.
  • Teaching, supervising and counseling the patient and caregivers regarding the nursing care needs and other related problems of the patient at home.


  • Must have a driver’s license and be willing and able to drive to patient’s residences.
  • The ability to access patients’ homes which may not be routinely wheelchair accessible is required.  Hearing, eyesight and physical dexterity must be sufficient to perform a physical assessment of the patient's condition and to perform and demonstrate patient care.
  • Physical activities will include, walking, sitting, stooping, and standing and minimal to maximum lifting of patients and the turning of patients.
  • The ability to communicate both verbally and in writing is required as frequent communication by telephone and in writing in English is required.


  • Must be a graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.
  • Must be licensed in the State as a Registered Nurse.
  • One or more years of experience in community/home health agency or in a hospital setting is preferred.
  • Must have knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid guidelines.
  • Must have a working knowledge of home health care and the principles and techniques of professional nursing and required documentation that pertains to it.
  • Should be skillful in organization and in the principles of time management and have knowledge of management processes
  • Must be able to contribute to the quality of care being rendered through constructive communication with nursing managers and staff.
  • Must have a criminal background check.
  • Must have a current CPR certification.

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  • Provide skilled nursing care under the direct supervision of the Registered Nurse.
  • Perform selected skilled actions in the provision of curative, rehabilitative, palliative or preventative nursing care.
  • Is responsible and accountable for making decisions that are based on the individual's nursing experience and educational preparation.


  • Assist the Registered Nurse in carrying out the plan of care.
  • Assist the Registered Nurse in performing specialized procedures as directed by the Registered Nurse under physician's orders.
  • Assist with the preparation, implementation and continuing evaluation of the patient care plan.
  • Recognize and understand the effects of social and economic problems upon patients and provides for the emotional and physical comfort and safety of patients.
  • Help teach the patient the appropriate self-care techniques.
  • Foster cooperative effort among personnel by understanding the functions of other persons involved in patient care and by active participation in team and staff conferences.
  • Assume responsibility for personal and vocational growth and development through active participation in nursing organizations and participating in in-service programs and other on the job learning.
  • Prepare clinical and progress notes (not to include admission).


The Licensed Practical Nurse with the education and proven clinical competence may perform certain treatments/procedures provided the Home Health Agency’s policies and the State’s Regulatory Acts allow their performance. Only advance LPNs with documented skill in performing these functions may:

  • Administer medications
  • Hang I.V.s premixed with medications
  • Hang hydrating fluid without medications
  • Start peripheral I.V.s
  • Flush peripheral lines with saline or heparin solutions
  • Inspect insertion sites, change dressings, and remove peripheral I.V. needles/catheters
  • Calculate and adjust flow rates
  • Check blood with a Registered Nurse


  • The ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing in English is required.
  • The ability to access patients’ homes which may not be routinely wheelchair accessible is required.
  • Hearing, eyesight and physical dexterity must be sufficient to perform a physical assessment of the patient's condition and to perform patient care.
  • Physical activities will include, walking, sitting, stooping, and standing and minimal to maximum lifting of patients and the turning of patients.


  • Graduation from an accredited School of Practical Nursing.
  • Must be licensed in the State as a Licensed Practical Nurse
  • One or more years in home health agency or in a hospital setting. Home health experience preferred.
  • Must have a criminal background check.
  • Must have current CPR certification.

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As a home health occupational therapist with Prosperous Home Health, you will provide one on one therapeutic treatment and care to patients in their home using a comprehensive and patient specific care plan, innovative solutions, and a preferred technology for point of care documentation. You will have the opportunity to spend quality time with the patient, in their own home, to promote their health and independence. You will have autonomy in addition to the support and collaboration of a full team of healthcare professionals. 

  • Collaborate with physicians, patients and their families, nurses, therapists, social workers and other members of the patient care team to develop and implement a patient specific care and treatment plan
  • Cooperatively utilize varied solutions to educate and promote the health and independence of the patient
  • Assess, monitor, document and report progress of patient's health and condition using required documents, reports and established timelines
  • Provide supervision and evaluation of aides and occupational therapy assistants


  • Current license to practice occupational therapy in the State of South Dakota
  • Successful completion of an occupational therapy program at a school of occupational therapy approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association or the Council on Medical Education and Hospitals of American Medical Association or the committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation of the American Medical Association.
  • Current CPR certification
  • Valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation and agency required liability insurance to perform home visits

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Provides physical therapy services to patients according to a written physician's plan of care.

This may include, but will not be limited to:

  • Assessing and evaluating therapeutic/rehabilitative/functional status, and participation in the development of the total plan of care. Evaluates home environment.
  • Assesses for muscle strength, mobility, gait, ROM – potential for rehab if home health patient and transfer capabilities. Less a goal of rehab, more a focus on maintaining comfort.
  • Directing physical therapy treatment.
  • Instructing patients and families/caregivers in the use and care of therapeutic appliances.
  • Determining priority needs for physical therapy
  • Reporting to physician patient's reaction to treatment or changes in condition.
  • Initiates physical therapy program and instructs other personnel and/or family/ caregivers in certain phases of physical therapy with which they may work with a patient, as well as instructing them as to the goals of the physical therapy program for the patient by participating in case conferences.
  • May educate and train patient in the use of prosthetic device.
  • Prepares and submits clinical and progress summaries based on the attainment of goals.
  • Participates in patient discharge planning.
  • Provides physical therapy consultation to families/caregivers, as appropriate.
  • Provides in-service education programs for nursing personnel as needed.
  • Participates in the case conference meetings for home health patients.
  • Actively participates in quality assessment performance improvement teams and activities.

PT / PTA - Qualifications

  • Possesses a degree from a baccalaureate or masters program in physical therapy approved by an accredited organization.
  • Licensed to practice as physical therapist within the state.
  • At least two years of appropriate experience as a physical therapist.
  • Demonstrates good verbal and written communication, and organization skills.
  • Possesses and maintains current CPR certification.

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Following the care plan as directed by supervising nurse.

  • Assisting with bathing and grooming - This can include but is not limited to: shampooing hair, finger and toenail care, brushing teething, and shower assistance.
  • Basic food preparation - From grocery shopping to actually preparing the food, it’s important to ensure the senior is displaying proper nutrition.
  • Medication reminders - Caregivers must assure that medications are taken at the correct time as directed by the doctor.
  • Light housekeeping – It’s important for caregivers to keep a safe and clean environment. Duties related to housekeeping will typically involve making the bed and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen
  • Transferring the client – This refers to transferring the client from chairs, from the toilet, from bed, and to and from a vehicle.
  • Toileting – It’s important to assist with using the toilet to encourage comfort and prevent any infections
  • Transportation – If a caregiver has a vehicle and a driver’s license, it’s likely they will help to take the elder around to doctor’s appointment and other activities.
  • Monitoring changes in client’s health – When following the care plan, the supervising nurse will want to know if there are any changes in health that are concerning and that may need medical attention.

Companionship – Possibly the most important of all caregiver duties, caregivers will be with the elder all day and it’s mutually beneficial if they enjoy each other’s company. It’s a very important part of a caregiver career.

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Provide medical social services to patients in their homes in accordance with physician orders and under the direction and supervision of the Director of Nursing or another appropriate supervisor.


  • Assist in the admission process of the patient to Prosperous Home Health by performing an initial evaluation, assessing the patient’s psychosocial status and evaluating the patient, family and home to identify socioeconomic and emotional factors that will affect the plan of treatment.
  • Assist in development and implementation of the interdisciplinary patient care plan as it pertains to medical social work.
  • Observe, record and report changes in the patient's emotional and social factors that affect the patient's illness and his/her need for care and his/her response to treatment.
  • Consult with the attending physician concerning alteration of the plan of treatment.
  • Maintain and submit written clinical records as deemed by Prosperous Home Health, including the initial evaluation, the care plan and daily notes.
  • Evaluate the patients and family's response to, and effectiveness of, the medical social work intervention.
  • Confirm, on a weekly basis, the scheduling of visits with the Director of Nursing to facilitate coordination of other staff visits.
  • Participate in Prosperous Home Health activities and committees when appropriate to include staff development activities and in-service education.
  • Supervise the social work assistant once monthly.
  • Participate in discharge planning.
  • Assume responsibility for self-development by continually striving to improve his/her Medical Social Worker practice through formal education, attendance at workshops and conferences, active participation in professional and related organizational meetings, and individual research and reading.


  • Assess the patient's potential to cope with his/her social and health problems. 
  • Act as consultant to the members of the health team, assists them in understanding the social, emotional and environmental factors related to the patient's health problems.
  • Help patients to utilize the resources of their families and the community.
  • Provide rehabilitative and supportive casework.
  • Assist patients and their families in coping with personal and environmental difficulties which might predispose them toward illness or interfere with obtaining maximum benefits from medical care.




1.    Master’s Degree from a School of Social Work approved by the Council of Social Work Education.
2.    Must have or be in the process of acquiring certification from the Academy of Certified Social Workers.
3.    Two years’ experience preferred, with at least one year of experience in a health care setting (hospital, clinic, rehabilitation center, etc.).
4.    Must have a criminal background check.
5.    Must have current CPR certification.

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